BC Water Resources Atlas (WRBC)

This site displays information related to the water resources of the Province of British Columbia, such as watersheds, water quantity and quality monitoring sites, aquifers, water wells and flood protection works.

The information on this site is currently under review and is subject to verification. Therefore, we cannot and do not confirm the currency, accuracy or completeness of this information nor its applicability to or suitability for individual circumstances. For example, many of the aquifers boundaries presented do not represent science or geology based delineations; but, are "administrative" boundaries based on limited data available. They may not correspond to geological mapping or actual landforms. Persons using this information accept all responsibility for its use and interpretation and for independently verifying it.

The information displayed on this site should not be relied upon as specific advice for responding to particular circumstances, nor should it be used for decision making of any kind. Persons using this information are responsible for obtaining their own professional advice.

For further information regarding water resources in British Columbia, please visit the Water Resource Information Site.

The British Columbia Water Resources Web Mapping Service is also now available.

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Version 3.1.3

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What's New in this Version 3.1.3

In the Water Quality Folder new Water Quality (EMS) layers are now available using the new spatial views on the data.
The active observation well layer query now shows the most recently collected groundwater level data .
A new Drinking Water Systems Folder is now available consolidating data layers from a number of different sources.

Please Note: Most of the data regarding aquifer sizes cited in this application are wrong. Users of the data should confirm aquifer size using alternate methods. The classification components "current level of development (use)" and "vulnerability" are subjective. No defined range of objective numerical values are associated with these components. Also the ranking components "Productivity", "Vulnerability" and "Demand" are subjective. No defined range of objective numerical values are associated with these components. Only the ranking component aquifer "Size" has an objective range of numerical values defined to describe the "regionality of the resource".

About the BC Water Resources Atlas: The BC Water Resources Atlas is an iMap application with enhanced query functionality to enable drilling down to water related data. It was originally constructed to spatially view surface Water Licence Points of Diversion and report out associated Water Licences. Since those humble beginnings it has grown to include over 100 water resource related spatial layers.